Letter from Nawabjan to…

Letter from Nawabjan to…

Oh dear you wrote my fate!
My life is nothing but wait,
Wait, wait and endless wait
‘Ye Nathi Hammari Quismat’
Not meeting you is my destiny!
I was eager to have your words
I have it, I spread it
But never I met
My master of words!
Countless admirer visited
My pleasure garden,
Flooded me with…
Touched me wherever they like.
For sure I they cannot touch my…
They cannot touch it.
You only touch it
Touch it with your words!
Want to know what it is?
It is my heart, my heart , my heart!
No regret my dear
My only happiness
The words I loved
The words of my Beloved!
To be remembered

*After reading the book “A biographical Scenario” By Gulzar

Dilruba Shahana

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