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Towards a Safer and Greener Habitat

Towards a Safer and Greener Habitat

A Special Issue on the World Environment Day - an initiative by Bangladesh Environment Network (BEN) Australia

BANGLADESH ENVIRONMENT NETWORK (BEN) | A global network to help Bangladesh protect her environment


Editorial (Ahmed Imran)


  1. Message from ACT Environment Minister (Simon Corbell)
  2. Message from World BEN Convener, Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care!  (Dr Nazrul Islam)
  3. Message from BEN Convener, Australia Chapter  (Kamrul Ahsan Khan)


  1. World Environment Day & Bangladesh -2015 (Barrister Harun Ur Rashid)
  2. Climate Change and Health: Vulnerabilities for Bangladesh (Dr A H Milton & Dr Md Iqbal Kabir)
  3. Solar Energy for technologically Unreached people (Dr Md Antiqur Rahman Ahad)
  4. The climate challenges and response options facing Bangladesh from 2015-2020  (Walter Jane )
  5. War on waterfronts to continue (M Inamul Haque)
  6. Environmental Law, Government Policy and Mining Contracts: The Australian Case with Lessons in Feasibility for Bangladesh and Others (Dr A.A. Rahman)
  7. Why should religious people protect environment? (Gillian King)
  8. Islam and Environment (Prof Atiq Islam; MA Samad)
  9. Sustainable policy can assist to rebuild sustainable Bangladesh (Newton Muhury)
  10. Next Frontier of Adaptive Innovation for Municipal Wastewater Recycling: Case of Dhaka and Khulna cities in Bangladesh (Zillur Rahman)
  11. Environment & Creative Meditation (Hasan Shamsuddin)
  12. Automobile focused development and its effect on congestion in Dhaka (Maruf Rahman)
  13. Bangla (Dijen Sharma) পৃথিবীর গভীরতর অসুখ
  14. Bangla (Mujahidul Islam Selim) আক্রান্ত সুন্দরবনকে বাঁচাতে হবে
  15. Bangla (Kamrul Ahsan Khan) একটি নিরাপদ এবং সবুজ বাসস্থানের দিকে

DISCLAIMER. The views, opinions and propositions expressed in the articles are from the respective authors and not of BEN Australia. Thus the authors preserve the full right and responsibility